Qatar Profiles                                       and                          False Ceilings Factory

        From Qatar we inspired the initials of our name.

        From the range of variable traded items at Al Amodi Group for Trading and    General Contracting, the Pioneer organization in the field of Building Materials,    Gypsum Products & Accessories, Sanitary wares and Tiles, our Profiles and False    Ceilings items, accessories, systems and their relevant where determined to be the    range of items to be produced by Al Amodi Group as a result of its strategical    development and growth plan lead by Mr. Chairman and owner, Mr. AbdulRahman    Saeed Al Naemi, due to the market's demand reflecting in return a distinguished,    daring and challenging step ahead to establish a factory capable of fulfilling these    needs in accordance with the volume of trading business concerned by these items    contributing in the growth of Al Amodi Group for Trading and General Contracting    business and wealth.

        In 2003 QAPROFIL became a true fact in the field of industry and production    with the vision of occupying a share in the local market, to serve and develop this    range helping it to reach its best, then finding ourselves the way to be recognized     as a positive competitor and a leader in this field. As an ISO 9001-2008 recently    certified organization (11-Apr-2016), and since the date of its establishment,    QAPROFIL always used to seek and still all possible ways and procedures to satisfy    all its customers by providing the best Quality, affordable prices and services.

        Taking in consideration the satisfaction, confidence and trust of its loyal    permanent and future customers, QAPROFIL always considers that preserving its    reputation and credibility should be taken as a definite and a must aim in the 1st    place to guarantee its present and future success at all conditions and times.

  QAPROFIL’s range of products:

                      - Slitting utilities:

                                                            a- 0.3mm - 2.5 mm Range of thickness.

                                                            b- 1500mm Max width of Mother Coil (Input).

                                                            c- 40 Nos of slits (Output).

                                                            d- 10 tons Weight Capacity of Mother Coil.

                     - GI profiles in general and dry wall partitions and ceilings                        profiles in specific using a premium quality of raw materials made in the                        GCC countries (K.S.A, U.A.E) and others meeting the GCC and                        the local Qatari requirements as per the specifications of ASTM653                        with 275 GSM and LFQ Grade.

                      - Grid and Aluminum strips false ceilings systems with variable types                         and wide variety of colors to fulfil all customers’ demands, choices and                         desires as per the specifications of ASTM B-209M raw materials.

                      - Light Gauge Steel buildings (Fast, Smart and Durable Construction                         System) satisfying all requirements starting from Guard Huts and                         similar till G+2 buildings.

                      - Steel Buildings Roof Sheets with standard and clay tile designs                         along with their accessories.


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